Gardner and the Automotive Hall of Fame

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Gardner Company History and Trivia

1922 – Gardner introduces full 1 year warranty. Other manufacturers give 90 days.

1923 – Worlds best four cylinder car.
      Only one with 5 main bearings.
      Balanced crank shaft and flywheel.
      Connecting rods and pistons matched by weight for each engine.
      Automatic oiling system based on load.
      43 HP – most powerful four placed in a passenger car (up to that time).

1924 – First successful mid-winter transcontinental run. By Cannon Ball Baker in a
      stock 1924 Gardner sedan. 4 days 14 hours 15 minutes.

1926 – Within months of its introduction the Gardner eight-in-line
      holds eight various records for speed and economy.

1926 – Long list of innovation includes; Adjustable steering wheel on the roadster,
      divided rear deck for easy rumble seat access and wind protection,
      oak bows extend to pivot point behind the door.
      Parking brake moved to handle under the dash.

1927 - Automatic chassis oiling system.
      Jack Vance sets new record for New York to Los Angeles for a closed car.

1928 - Lowest price eight on the market - $1,195 model 75 roadster.
      Most powerful eight on the market – 115 HP model 95.

1929 – 1st prize beauty contest, at the European auto show – 1929 model 130 roadster.
      Sears drops plans for the mail order Gardner, after the stock market crash.

1930 – Presents front wheel drive sedan at the New York Auto Show
      One of the earliest cars with a grill in front of the radiator.