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Subject                                                    Format(s)                 

Brakes - Lockheed Hydraulic                WORD DOC          JPG

Carburetor - Schebler Model S             WORD DOC            JPG           (Note: More on Schebler in MoToR's Handbook)

Clutch - 1923 (Owners Manual)            PDF Files           JPG

Clutch - Borg & Beck                                PDF files               JPG

Engines - 4,6 & 8 Lycoming                    PDF Files

Transmission - Hi Flex  4 Speed          WORD DOC          JPG

Vacuum Tank - Stewart                           WORD DOC           JPG

Wiring -All Years                                      PDF Files

MoToR's Handbook                                PDF files

MotoR's Interchange                              PDF files

Gardner Engines &
Auburn Tune Up                                   PDF Files

Specifications &
Equipment (From MoToR)                     PDF Files