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1927 Specifications and Stats                1927 Summary

The 1927 models came out on August 1, 1926 and were a carry over from the 1926 models. About August 15th the 6A was discontinued and Gardner already had plans to bring out a small eight in January, with the 1927 2nd series.

The new entry for 1927 was the Custom Brougham - Body by Lubitz

Model 90 Custom Brougham
This along with the images below are from the 1927 2nd series. Notice the differences in the hood, visor, head lights and bumpers.

Model 80 Roadster

Model 80 Roadster - This roadster has has the balcrank bumpers; behind the wheel is Richard Bonelli of the Chicago Civic Opera.

Model 80 Sedan. The 80 was powered by a 226 CID engine and had a wheel base of 122.

This beautiful restoration started from a basket case.

Mode 80 Coupe - The same body was used for the Model 80 Victoria.

Model 90 Roadster - This was restored by William H. Oexle

Model 90 Roadster. Styling was updated on the 80 roaster, but not the 90.

Model 90 Roadster at the New York Auto Show