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1926 Specifications and Stats                 1926 Summary
The 1926 models came out on August 1, 1925 and were the first of two production runs. The second production run was available from January 1, 1926 until July 31, 1926.

The Cabriolet (above) was continued from 1925 along with the Sedan, Sport Sedan, Phaeton.

The Special Phaeton continued unchanged from 1925. Standard equipment included the sport light.

The Anniversary Sedan was the first new entry for 1926

This was Gardner's 50th anniversary in transportation.

This was the first 8-cyl roadster, introduced in mid-August, a curious omission from the 1925 lineup.

The roadster was available in both the 6A and 8A models.

The six cylinder Deluxe Sedan, Sport Sedan, and Anniversary Sedan.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The 1926 2nd production run or 2nd series came out in January 1926.

The six, Touring, Roadster and Cabriolet. The model 6A used a 207 CID engine the wheel base was 117 inches.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The 2nd series six used a 224 CID engine and the wheelbase went to 118 inches.

One of the new entries with the 2nd series was the Imperial Sedan which replaced the Anniversary Sedan.

Imperial Sedan at the New York Auto Show - January 1926

The 2nd series roadster carried a number of improvements, an adjustable steering wheel, and the parking brake was now a handle under the dash.

The exposed top bows would soon be used by other companies. The 2nd rumble seat door provided a wind deflector.

The Landaulet Roadster came out in early May 1926, this was 2 weeks after the 8 cyl engine went to 299 CID.

When the Landaulet Roadster was introduced the Cabriolet was discontinued.

The 299 engine was first used with the sedan above, which was built on a 135 inch wheel base.